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Ground-breaking waste carbonisation developer appoints Stopford

Pyrolysise developers of Waste Carbonisation Plants (WCP) has appointed Stopford to support with site due diligence and plant compliance activities in the UK.

Pyrolysise has developed its new waste carbonisation technology as a game-changing solution to reduce greenhouse gases when working on operational landfill and mining capped and noxious landfill sites for land reclamation.

Two potential industrial sites have already been identified specifically for the purpose of a pilot programme for three tonnes per hour plant converting municipal/medical waste to generate electricity for a grid connection.

John Bell, Managing Director of Pyrolysise, said: “We have appointed Stopford to support our strategy due to the team’s extensive experience, engineering know-how, and its focus on developing a sustainable, low-carbon world.”

Prith Rajendran, Managing Director at Stopford, commented: “Stopford has been involved in the waste-to-energy sector for more than thirty-five years, with significant experience in the technologies associated with the sector. We are pleased to be supporting Pyrolysise on its exciting pipeline of projects.”

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About Pyrolysise

Founded in 2021, Pyrolysise is a UK-based co-developer of four different waste processing systems which can recycle and process waste, including plastics, or create valuable offtakes and/or generate heat or electricity - reducing emissions through recycling and creating low-emission power.

Its award-winning, innovative technology for the carbonisation of municipal solid waste is set to revolutionise the waste industry by enabling the mining, clearing, and repurposing of landfill sites for positive re-development.

More information at: Pyrolysise

About Stopford

Stopford is an international multi-disciplinary consultancy, engineering design and project management services company founded in 1982, headquartered in the UK. We work with companies around the world in emerging and existing industries. Our professional services are delivered by our service groups, Technology & Innovation, Consultancy and Projects. Our ambition is to lead the way in engineering a sustainable world through the transition to a low carbon economy.

More information at: Stopford

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