Our ambition is to lead the way in engineering a sustainable world towards  a low carbon economy.

Our Services

World class innovators, bringing science and technology together to decarbonise our economies and transition to net zero. Key to our success is our alignment with leading academic institutions around the world, a meeting of minds with access to world class research and development facilities and technology know-how.  

Global leaders in environmental and advisory solutions, helping our clients lead the way in engineering a safe sustainable world towards a low carbon economy.

Stopford’s consultants bring together experts in health, safety, and the environment. Trusted by our clients and partners to manage their most challenging safety and environmental issues.

Reliable project and programme management is at the core of our project delivery services. Bringing together a dedicated project team, of multi-disciplinary engineers, procurement specialists and construction managers with responsible and creative leadership to successfully & safely deliver your projects.


Transport & Aviation
Resource Recovery
Water & Wastewater
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Transport & Aviation

The movement of people, products, goods and freight is part of everyday modern life, we help our clients connect their products and services with the infrastructure needed to enable global economies to thrive. Energy sources are changing, we are working with our clients to realise their energy transition strategies as we transition to a low carbon economy.

With decades of global experience in the design of fuel blending and storage facilities for multiproduct, aviation and biofuels, the provision of specialist consultancy on low carbon aviation fuels and master planning for airports we can guide you on your journey to net zero. 


Resource Recovery

Global waste challenges are increasing, adopting a circular approach to reuse, repurpose and recycle waste enables both sustainable consumption and production.

Our experts can help you assess the commercial and technical options for sustainable waste management systems.  The selection of one technology over another is where we provide a balanced overview on the suitability of a technology based on a number of factors including type of waste, volumes, conversion efficiencies and output required.



The world is changing faster than ever, & with it the energy landscape as we shift from fossil fuels to renewables to meet the energy demands of the future. New technologies & innovation are needed to meet the demands of this global transformation.

Our experts are actively involved in projects supporting this transformation. From the development of our proprietary technology to the conversion of waste materials into usable heat, electricity and fuel through a variety of processes, including combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion and landfill gas recovery.



Oil refineries are rethinking and switching an element of their operations to renewables to meet the demands for a circular economy and investment in the chemicals sector. A significant amount of petroleum feedstock is also used to produce materials, from pharmaceuticals and plastics to asphalt for roads.

As with fuels, the use of fossil resources for these purposes leads to depletion of resources and greenhouse gas emissions. Benzene, toluene and the three xylenes (BTX) are bulk chemicals which are vital for the petrochemical industry. Their major downstream products are plastics, but they are also used for solvents, additives, and other specialty chemicals.

Our experts are working with academic institutions, our partners and clients on the development and generation of renewable feedstock for the petrochemical industry. This will enable a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions providing a sustainable alternative for BTX chemicals.


Water & Wastewater

Water and climate change, global warming results in changes to rainfall patterns, average temperatures, sea levels this impacts on our water supply and wastewater treatment facilities.

Our experts work with utility companies on their renewable energy generation plants and collaborate with academia on innovative technologies for the treatment of wastewater and on more efficient processes for generating clean water.