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Decarbonising Aviation - SAF Taking Off!

Stopford’s Consultancy Director, Deb Pal was delighted to be a keynote speaker along with World Fuel Services Daniel Brain at the TSA 2022 Conference & Exhibition the in Coventry. The conference programme featured speakers from regulators and industry, with an energy transition theme.

With a focus on decarbonising aviation, Deb described the technical aspects of manufacturing and certifying Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and the potential greenhouse gas reductions. Daniel covered the demand and economics of SAF.

Deb expressed how the use of SAF is seen as the most significant enabler for the aviation sector to reach net zero by 2050.

The UK Government has recently published their SAF mandate, with targets such as 10% of all aviation fuel to be SAF by 2030.

Stopford are involved with the development and manufacture of SAF promoting these areas via innovation and collaboration.

The TSA conference and exhibition is a great opportunity to network and discuss the hot topics in the bulk liquid storage sector.

The Stopford team Deb Pal, Kate Riley and Mary Carr enjoyed the exhibition, looking forward to TSA conference and exhibition 2023!

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