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Connecting on Climate Change and Sustainability

Stopford’s PhD Technologist, Jayan Suthar, was invited to present his work on ‘waste to energy using plasma gasification’, as part of Lancaster University’s “Connecting on Climate Change and Sustainability” event in support of COP26.

With a focus on clinical waste, Jayan described how the modular Plasmergy technology is well placed to address the challenges of sustainable waste management and decarbonisation within the healthcare sector.

Jayan expressed how ‘The unique properties of plasma make it ideal for the safe destruction of hazardous organic waste streams, such as medical waste. By enabling energy recovery from waste, through the generation of low-carbon heat and power, Plasmergy allows us to work towards the net-zero 2050 target with sustainable waste management’ .

In line with the ambitions of the COP26 conference, the work presented by Jayan and others at the event presented the audience with an insight into the innovative solutions being developed to address the climate emergency.

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