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Hydrogen safety compliance project for sustainable transport fuel

For the safe development of mobile hydrogen refuellers for use on hydrogen powered vehicles and equipment.


NanoSUN Limited


Process safety

Functional safety


Lancaster, United Kingdom


Sustainable Transport Fuels

Pioneer Wide.jpg

The use of hydrogen as a transport fuel is rapidly becoming an alternative choice in facilitating the adoption of zero emission vehicles. To reduce the pollution emitted from public transport, the automotive industry is fast developing hydrogen vehicles, however the current hydrogen refuelling infrastructure requires significant attention if it is to keep pace with supply and demand.

The Pioneer project has one clear goal; to address the challenges of securing hydrogen fuel and extend the current infrastructure to meet the future demands of the alternative fuel source in a way that is convenient, accessible and at a low-cost.

NanoSUN’s fully mobile, self-contained Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) bridges the gap between the supply of hydrogen and its end user, providing a transportable solution that enables hydrogen fuel to be distributed and dispensed into hydrogen powered vehicles and equipment directly at the point of use.

Our experts have peer reviewed the technology to ensure the process is both safe and sustainable, to enable third party certification of the mobile Pioneer HRS.

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