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ecoPlant – converting non-recyclable waste plastic into fuel

Plastics to fuel ecoPlant for the converting 20,000 tonnes per annum of non-recyclable waste plastics into ultra-clean fuel


Clean Planet Energy (CPE)

Partners and collaborators

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Teesside, United Kingdom


Resource Recovery


Compliance consultancy

Advisory services

Low carbon consultancy

Multi-disciplinary engineering design

Project management & controls

Procurement & contracting

Construction & commissioning


Plastic waste is a problem. It’s damaging our oceans and contributing greenhouse gas emissions from energy intensive manufacturing processes, through to landfill and incineration.


Clean Planet Energy have a vision for ‘Clean Oceans & Clean Air’; their purpose is to remove over 1 million tonnes of non-recyclable plastic waste from our environment every year. Stopford have a shared purpose to lead the way in engineering a sustainable world through the transition to a low carbon economy. Stopford are a specialist partner, working together with CPE to bring their ecoPlants to life, reducing plastic waste and carbon emissions.

The ecoPlant is built to a trademark design – The Clean Planet ‘Turtle Shell®’. Each Turtle Shell has an Inner and Outer Shell. The Inner Shell is ‘processing and power’, the Outer Shell is ‘nature’. A nature reserve, tranquility garden and allotments are all part of the outer shell. Built to high environmental standards, with low noise levels and minimal waste-heat, the ecoPlants use pyrolysis technology, designed to produce commercial grade naphtha, kerosene, diesel and fuel oil and as blended feedstock for other petroleum products as well as feedstock for other processes within the petrochemical industries. The pyrolysis process produces a syngas for power generation and carbon char for processing into carbon black. 

Our experts are providing full EPCM services for both the inner and outershells.

“It is a pleasure to partner with Stopford. One team, working in unison, to bring new life to non-recyclable waste plastics”

Bertie Stephens – CEO Clean Planet Energy

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